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Protein Box

Are you trying to look for high protein snack options and don’t have the time to work out which ones you like?

We at Snackbox Co have made it easier for you by sourcing snacks for your high protein needs. $40 including delivery!!!

In each box we have selected 6 protein bars and one bonus sachet, these bars have been taste tested by our very own snacking specialist but the kicker is that we Only have  a limited number of boxes and once sold a new range will be organised.

In the box :

1 x Googys – Apple Cinnamon bar *12g Protein
1 x Botanika Blends Apple pie flavoured vegan protein bar *10g Protein
1x Cliff Bar – White Chocolate Macadamia Nut *9g Protein
1 x Maxines Burn – Mango Coconut Cream Bar *15g Protein
1 x Go Natural – Double Choc Power Protein snap bar *10g Protein
1 x BSC – Rocky Road high protein low carb Bar *18g Protein

a bonus macro mike protein sample pack *25g protein

*flavours will vary

$40.00 available on subscription

Out of stock

The best snacks only

Why choose Snackbox Co.’s health range?

Our “HealthSnack Box” has the guest work and shopping for variety done for you, with a range of high protein snacks, portion sizing that are healthy and tasty. All snacks are individually wrapped. Healthy snacking aids in general wellbeing and can help support a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition is important for everyone. Grab a healthy pre-packaged snack that’s ready to go with you anywhere anytime.

How does this all work?

Step 1


Order any time of the day or night selecting the box best suiting your needs, confidently knowing you will receive premium healthy, tasty snacks.
Multiple plans to choose from with no lock in contracts. Secure payments with Stripe or PayPal.

Step 2

We Deliver

We offer “FREE” delivery within Australia with our Door-To-Door delivery to workplaces and homes (where available). We can also deliver on your behalf a box gifted to a nominated recipient.
Step 3


Now enjoy the individually sized healthy and deliciously tasting sweet or savoury premium snacks that are all pre-packaged for your convenience.

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